Bum lift

This innovative non-surgical bum lift lets you attain your desired look without the risks of BBL surgery. It has minimal risk and downtime compared to BBL surgery. Moreover, since it relies on your body’s natural collagen response, the results appear and feel entirely natural.


On the day of treatment


  • We will go through your consent form, which will have been emailed before the session to you, and you will then be asked to sign a physical copy.
  • The doctor will then cleanse your skin so that he can assess it.
  • During his assessment, he will look at skin thickness and quality along with the underlying muscles to determine the injection points needed.
  • A tiny needle will be used to minimise any bleeding or discomfort. The target area will be treated quickly.

Our Process

Unlike dermal fillers used for non-surgical buttock lifts, Lanluma stimulates your natural collagen production deep within the skin. This results in a more natural look and feel. Lanluma’s effects can last for two to three years, longer than most body dermal fillers. Additional top-up treatments after this period can maintain buttock volume and shape.

Our team will ensure your comfort, sterilise the treatment area, and administer a local anaesthetic for a virtually painless procedure. They’ll then inject Lanluma where you desire results. You’ll feel good right after, but expect some brief redness and swelling, which is completely normal. The treatment takes 30 minutes and 1-3 treatments are required for optimal results.


A new approach to classic treatments

LumaDoc is a private and discreet clinic environment in the heart of Dublin and uses the newest technologies and techniques for classic treatments. The treatment plans in LumaDoc are bespoke and tailored to individual needs. As we are a medical aesthetic service, we believe in doctor-led treatments by trusted medical practitioners to bring our clients the best service on the market.


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