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Aqualyx Injections

There is one key ingredient that occurs naturally in the body in order to absorb dietary fat. By injecting a synthetic version of this compound into stubborn, fatty areas, it can work locally on the fat cells to destroy them. The fat cells are then removed by the body over the next 2-3 weeks.

How does it work?

Our bodies store energy in the form of fat if our intake exceeds our daily energy requirements. During times when our calorie intake doesn’t meet our daily requirements (due to diet or exercise) these fat stores can be accessed and broken down to provide energy.

You may require two or three sessions each 3-4 weeks apart for optimal results.

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What will happen on the day of my treatment?

Your doctor will arrive at your place of treatment at the time of your appointment. They will ask you a few questions relating to COVID-19, to ensure that there is minimal risk of transmission. You will be asked if you read the consent form, which would have been emailed to at your time of booking. You will then be asked to sign a physical copy of the consent form. You will then be asked to sit in the treatment chair so the doctor can cleanse your skin. A number of small injections will be used to ensure the area under the chin is completely treated.


Treatment Aftercare

  • Post-treatment swelling is normal and will resolve in about 7 days.
  • Some bruising can occur, using arnica after your treatment will help minimise this.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption as it can increase the risk of bruising.
  • Avoid heavy makeup or unnecessarily touching the area for 6 hours to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Avoid rubbing or massaging the treated area for 6 hours to reduce the chance of the treatment moving.
  • Keep upright for 4 hours to reduce the chance of the treatment moving to unintended areas.
  • Light exercise after the treatment is fine but avoid strenuous exercise such as weight-training or cross-fit for 48 hours after treatment.
  • Avoid saunas, jacuzzies or hot baths for until the swelling subsides.


Fat Dissolving Treatments

Fat Dissolving 1st session

€ 400.00

Fat-dissolving injections can help you to achieve a slimmer, more contoured body shape, with long-lasting results of between two and four years.

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Subsequent Sessions

€ 250.00

Depending on the area, and amount of tissue requiring treatment, several sessions may be required to achieve the result you want.

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With the huge range of available treatments, clients are sometimes unsure what to choose. Your doctor will help to devise a treatment plan with you during your free consultation. Reach out today!

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