Nose Reshaping

Liquid rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping) is a non-surgical way to enhance the appearance of your nose by removing a bump or shaping the tip with strategically placed fillers. This is a great option for patients with isolated changes they want on their noses, such as minor asymmetries.


On the day of treatment


On the day of the treatment, the following will happen:

  • We will go through your consent form, which will have been emailed before the session to you, and you will then be asked to sign an electronic copy.
  • The doctor will then cleanse your skin so that he can assess it.
  • During his assessment, he will look at skin thickness and quality along with the underlying muscles to determine the injection points needed.
  • The target area will be numbed if necessary and then treated with a microfine needle to minimise discomfort.

Our Process

Between the ages of 25 and 55, we lose 10mls of volume from our face. The ageing process results in skin sagging, wrinkles and often a tired experience. The answer to this is using dermal fillers in specific areas of your face. By injecting HA into your face, it lessens the results of ageing and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

For liquid rhinoplasty, we will look at the area and assess the best options and approach to take depending on what is needed. Our consultation will map out the area in need, and we will use HA injections into the area, and you will notice results instantly. This is rarely painful, but some patients did have a bit of soreness, after which is completely normal.


  • You may encounter swelling and bruising the day after your procedure, which is normal and typically resolves within 2-3 days. To minimise this, abstain from consuming alcohol 24 hours before and after your treatment.
  • Refrain from applying heavy makeup or unnecessarily touching the treated area for 6 hours to reduce the risk of infection. Additionally, steer clear of Vitamin C, Retinol, AHA, and BHA skincare products for 24 hours post-treatment to allow it to settle.
  • Avoid rubbing or massaging the treated area for 24 hours to minimise the possibility of the treatment shifting. Maintain an upright position for 4 hours to prevent unintentional migration of the treatment or an increased risk of swelling.
  • Refrain from engaging in strenuous exercise like weight training or cross-fit for 24 hours, as it may occasionally cause the treatment to move to unintended areas. Stay away from saunas, jacuzzis, or hot baths for 24 hours post-procedure, as the heat can lead to treatment migration.
  • Limit alcohol consumption to reduce the risk of bruising, and avoid sleeping on the treated area the night following your treatment.

Our treatments

We provide our clients with a comprehensive range of top-tier treatments using medical-grade products, which includes lip and cheek dermal fillers, Profhilo, anti-wrinkle injections, Morpheus8, HIFU, fat dissolving and weight management treatments. These treatments give our clients back their confidence with individualised treatments in a discreet clinic environment. With the tailored treatment plans, our clients see constant positive results, making Luma Clinic one of the most trusted aesthetic clinics in the country.

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