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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

This treatment prevents the formation of wrinkles and softens existing lines.

Fat Dissolving

Permanently remove stubborn fat in 20 minutes.

Packages and Special Offers

Find the right combination to suit your needs. Learn more here or through a free consultation.

Dermal Filler

Define, rejuvenate and volumize your skin with this treatment. Perfect for adding definition to the cheeks, reshaping the jaw, enhancing your lips, or filling in lines caused by age.

Aesthetic Treatments for Men

Men and women differ physiologically and anatomically. Therefore, we individualize our treatments to ensure the best aesthetic outcome for each client.


Refresh, lift and hydrate your skin with this treatment. Profhilo is perfect for creating a widespread improvement across the face, neck, hands and elsewhere that skin can begin to sag and wrinkle.

Group Bookings

Being your best self should be celebrated. Enjoy your treatments with your friends through one of our group bookings and receive a group discount.


The lifting effect of dermal filler combined with the collagen producing effect of Profhilo!

ViscoDerm HydroBooster

With it’s unique stabilised ingredients, Viscoderm relies on cross linked ultrapure Hyaluronic Acid to not only offer incredible hydration to the skin for optimised radiance.

Mint PDO Threads

MINT™ stands for Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Thread. It is the first medical device of its kind to have dual FDA clearances: one for skin approximation and one for nasolabial fold depth reduction.

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For more information on our treatments, or to book an appointment, please contact us today.

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