Treatments in your 20’s

In your 20s, our skin is smooth and mostly wrinkle-free. However, in your late 20s, dynamic lines from smiling, laughing, and frowning may start to appear. Fillers in your 20s aim to prevent wrinkles in your early 30s, serving as a preventative measure. 

On the day of treatment


  • We will go through your consent form, which will have been emailed before the session to you, and you will then be asked to sign a physical copy.
  • The doctor will then cleanse your skin so that he can assess it.
  • During his assessment, he will look at skin thickness and quality along with the underlying muscles to determine the injection points needed.
  • A tiny needle will be used to minimise any bleeding or discomfort. The target area will be treated quickly.

Preventative measures

People in their 20s often seek treatments primarily to address concerns related to forehead lines. These concerns are typically associated with the development of dynamic wrinkles caused by repeated facial expressions. Dynamic wrinkles, such as forehead lines, are a natural consequence of smiling, frowning, or raising the eyebrows over time.

While these wrinkles may be temporary and disappear when the facial muscles are at rest, some individuals in their 20s opt for small amounts of anti-wrinkle injections (baby botox) as a preventive measure.

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