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What are MINT threads?

MINT™ stands for Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Thread. It is the first medical device of its kind to have dual FDA clearances: one for skin approximation and one for nasolabial fold depth reduction. MINT™ PDO threads are manufactured using an innovative patented technology where the barbs are press-molded on the surface of the thread in a 360 degree helical pattern. This gives the threads the highest tensile strength available in the US market to anchor onto sagging tissue for instant and natural rejuvenation.

Is it safe?

MINT™ PDO is one of the few PDO threads in the market to have been clinically studied for its safety and efficacy. There are more than 6 years of published articles and journals to back up the benefits that MINT™ has to offer

How do they work?

MINT™ is a safe, absorbable suture designed to approximate sagging tissue. Once the thread is inserted into the skin, the tiny barbs on the thread anchors onto sagging tissue and are then maneuvered to contour and define your natural features. The thread dissolves in 6-8 months and can stimulate your body to produce its own collagen to further improve the appearance of your skin.

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Mint PDO Threads FAQ's

Q1: When can I see results?

The procedure takes an average of 1 hour, and results can be seen immediately. Patients will experience minimal pain, minimal scarring, and minimal downtime compared to surgical procedures, and results will improve over time as the swelling, redness, and bruising go down.

Q2: How long is the downtime?

After the procedure, you may immediately resume your daily activities. More intense activities such as exercise should be resumed after a week, but please consult with your provider beforehand.

Q3: Am I a good candidate for PDO threads?

Please schedule a consultation first to determine if you are an ideal candidate for MINT™ procedures. During the consultation, you should discuss what concerns you want to address and the look you desire so the provider can properly address the area of concern.

Q4: Are there any side effects?

Common side effects may include soreness, minor bruising, swelling and mild discomfort. If you experience any other complications or an extended period of the side effects, please consult with your provider. To avoid the risk of complications, we recommend that you verify your provider has received professional PDO thread training credentials.

Q5: How much does it cost?

Between €100-€150 per thread, depending on the number of threads used.

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